How Some Women Feel Being Submissive and Loved by Their Dom?

How Some Women Feel Being Submissive and Loved by Their Dom?
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There are some women who hold positions of power and authority in their professional lives, but still they like being submissive to their dom while making love in bed. Why do they do this and are they happy doing this is a question that would arise in the minds of many people? The answer to this is that these are independent women who take the responsibility, make the decisions and take care of people around them while performing their job. So when it comes to making love, they do not want to make any decision or take any responsibility as this can affect the intensity of their pleasure.They just want to be free from any responsibilities or obligations and focus on enjoying the supreme ecstasy. In order to enjoy unlimited sensual pleasure, these women are willing to submit to every wild desire and demand of their dom.

These women do not regret or dislike being submissive. Rather, they feel pleased as their submissiveness pleases their man, which in turn inspires him to give her woman the sweetest experience. Thus both of them are able to enjoy love with the same intensity.

A woman finds that her submissiveness increases her connection as a couple as she and her partner share a fetish that they both enjoy tremendously. Her body always gives away that she is enjoying the experience. She and her partner playing submissive and dominant roles, helps to improve their relationships as well as their sex life. She does not feel diminished or lesser because of it. In fact, it is quite empowering for her to play the sub role. It makes her feel very sexy and turns her on. She feels that she and her dom are sharing something which nobody else is aware of, which makes her feel naughty in a very good way. She does not feel inferior at all, as what she does in the bedroom in no way reflects who she is in her everyday life. A woman may be a feminist and sub/dom play does not impact this in any way.

To enjoy her love experience the most, a submissive woman needs to focus on certain things. She should learn the likes and dislikes of her partner in terms of movies, food, sounds, words, sensations, songs, voices, paintings, etc. She should try to find out which are the things which please him and those which make him feel displeased.

Once she learns a thing that pleases her dominant, she should practice it and get better at it. This will please her partner not just because she does it better, but because she is taking time to become better at it for the sake of pleasing him.

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