Ways to Unleash the Sex Goddess in Every Woman

Ways to Unleash the Sex Goddess in Every Woman
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For both men and women, satisfaction in sexual life is a must. A man feels like the king and he wants his woman to love him and satisfy him sexually. Here, we’re not just talking about how to love the man, but also about how to feel like a queen while making love with him. The best approach to perform sex is to unleash your inner goddess, and rather open your real sexual energy.  If you open your real sexual energy, your buddy will certainly get aroused. 

By unleashing your inner sex Goddess, you can certainly experience a hot sex encounter with your man. Men love to have their women control them once they are in bed. Grab this chance today and do something amazing for your man. Being a sex goddess, you can use your knowledge and experience to get more pleasure from sex.

These 5 positions which will enable you and your partner to enjoy extreme pleasure. They will help you unleash your inner Goddess and have a truly entertaining sex session with your man. While some of these positions require you to dominate and be in control, others will require your man to take the control. Men love to take a back seat and allow women to dominate for getting the supreme enjoyment.  

I Am Your Queen

In this position, you need to stand straight, leaning on a wall. Your man will bend his knee for you like you are his queen and go down on you. He will lift your thigh and with his tongue, he will touch you down there, which will send you to the world of ecstasy and turn you on.

The Doggy Style Sex Position

Here you will bend your knees and keep your forehead on the bed with your arms kept forward. Allow your man to penetrate you from behind in the doggy style all the way. This position is ideal for wild sex with deep and rough thrusts which will drive you and your partner into sexual madness.

The Man Sitting on the Chair

Here your man will sit down on a chair and make him yours. You need to face away from him and stand up partially. This will let you control the depth of penetration. You have to bend a little in your knees and tilt forward as your partner holds your waist for helping you balance yourself. 

The Missionary Position

In this simple sex position, you will lie on your back with your legs spread and your knees bent slightly. Your man will lie between your legs and guide his private part into yours, supporting his body weight with his arms or elbows.  

69 Sex Position

Here you and your man will indulge in simultaneous oral sex. Here you and your man will match their mouths to each other’s genitals.

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