What Guys Really Think About What You Wear to Bed

What Guys Really Think About What You Wear to Bed
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Want to arouse your man with a fleeting look? Find out how to look sexier in bed with your guy and turn him hotter with these witty moves. Sleeping with a man for the first time or daily makes no difference to most women. They still feel discomfited about their tired face, chaotic hair and messed up makeup. Now just think how many times has this turned out while your guy is in bed with you? If you feel like to look hotter in the bed, then focus on your sexy dress. Lacy lingerie, sexy bras and panties, demi-cup bra corsets - these are the things what men think about your sex appeal in bed.


Most guys love sexy lingerie, particularly the lace ones. You’d look simply attractive as long as your assets are invisible and nearly all set to slip out. That would certainly drive him crazy and mad. Make sure your bedroom is dark when you’re sleeping with your guy. Before going to bed, have a shower and use some good perfume.


Most guys like what you wear before sex in bed. From the bra, your busts are easily visible. Your man can make you topless after removing that sexiest bra. It might seem noticeable, but your bedroom clothing will most likely be completely centered on sexiest bras. But the most imperative thing to think about when trying to look sexier for your buddy is finding the right bra which flatters your busts so that you are eye-catching in the bed.


In order to avoid an underwear or panty argument every time you undress in front of your man in the bed, we advise finding a balance between what your guy likes and what is yours. Go with your buddy to a lingerie store and really try some of the sexy panties.  Choose that piece of underwear, but in any case, that way you’ll know that what he’s buying for you and fits well, but also arouses him in bed with you.

Stockings and Heels

Stockings and heels right away add a boost of sex appeal and splendor to your look and make you feel like a sexy princess. We recommend that you go for the black stockings, yet, there are so many designs and colors to choose from, for instance, fishnet and lace tops.


Guys are always looking to spice things up in the bed. They like the sexy corset, since it is the best way to let loose the princess within you. If you are somewhat new to corsets, we recommend that you should avoid steel-boned corsets as they are not so uncomfortable. Opting for plastic boning corset is the perfect finish.

When it comes to relationships and sex, it is necessary to communicate in such a way, so as to merge two personalities and make them well-matched. If you think that the above-mentioned attention-grabbing sexy wardrobe will work for you, do not hesitate to visit adultfashionshop (www.adultfashionshop.com), and here you can find the best and sexiest lingerie, attractive panties, bras, corsets, and more at affordable prices. Try them out with your buddy to see that it will certainly lead to fireworks in your bedroom.

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